Why Do We Need A Casing for Smartphone?

Why do you need to buy an HP casing? Of course, the answer is to protect Smartphone so that it is not easily damaged or dirty, another reason is to look cool, this one I disagree with because even the casing of HP models is cool. Another reason for being different from the others, this is true too, but if others with the same type of HP happen to use the same casing, it also makes no difference.

The only way is to buy a custom casing whose image is unique, only our own 🙂

This used to be my own question, I used to assume that buying a casing for a cellphone was a waste of money, it was not practical (because the dimensions of the cellphone will become bigger).

One day I was sitting in the backyard by the natural stone floor, at that time I sat a little faintly, unconsciously the cellphone I put in my pocket fell to the floor and might fall on a vulnerable point so the glass was cracked.

At that time I was shocked, but after checking it turned out it was okay I could still use it normally. A few weeks after the incident began to feel I had difficulty operating the cellphone because the touch screen was no longer sensitive on many areas of the screen.

I was often frustrated, especially when I received a call to knock on the OK button, it's hard to ask forgiveness. Not to mention when you want the OJOL message it's hard to write down the destination address. Not to mention when writing WA messages I can't type certain letters so it's really frustrating.

From there finally, my cellphone could not be used even though it still could live. Changing the screen is expensive, but the results are not as good as the original, better buy a new cellphone.

So at a glance my experience of using a cell phone without a casing, since then I always use the HP casing to maintain the durability of the HP.